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Designed for Discovery

ASU Knowledge Enterprise Development

Arizona State University is redefining the 21st century research university as a “knowledge enterprise.” A knowledge enterprise creates and disseminates knowledge, educates the next generation of leaders, and enables discovery and innovation that promotes sustainable development locally and around the world. 

ASU Knowledge Enterprise Development advances research, innovation, strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship, economic development and international development. Our success arises from solutions-focused, interdisciplinary research; an entrepreneurial approach that is embedded in every school and department; and a commitment to transform society in a positive way.


Designed for discovery

ASU has created a vibrant environment of discovery, interdisciplinary research and innovation focused on solving society’s greatest challenges. ASU is one of the fastest growing research enterprises in the U.S., with research expenditures nearly tripling over the last decade.



Entrepreneurship + Innovation

Empowering entrepreneurs

ASU’s Entrepreneurship + Innovation group provides a range of services to faculty, staff and student entrepreneurs as well as to startups outside of ASU. Our entrepreneurship programs offer training and mentorship, seed funding, office space, and opportunities for collaboration among entrepreneurs at various stages in their ventures.


Corporate and Economic Development

An engine for a thriving economy

ASU helps make our local communities attractive places to live, work and play. We connect with private industry, local governments and community leaders to drive regional economic development that promotes human well-being.


International Development

Solutions for complex global challenges

ASU International Development identifies and pursues projects that provide solutions to the most complex challenges facing the developing world today. We provide the link between ASU’s world-class researchers and international development funding agencies around the world. We engage NGOs, the public sector and foundations in strategic partnerships that leverage our individual strengths to create solutions for long-term, sustainable development.


Technology Transfer

From discovery to market

Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE) is the exclusive intellectual property management and tech transfer organization for ASU. AzTE works with faculty, investors and industry partners to speed the flow of innovation from research laboratory to the marketplace while protecting intellectual property rights.


Institutes & Initiatives

Knowledge Enterprise Development supports several interdisciplinary research institutes and initiatives. These university-wide research centers enable scientists and scholars to collaborate freely across disciplines; connect researchers with clinical, government and corporate partners; and provide the teams and infrastructure to win significant funding opportunities.

Our institutes and initiatives explore some of the world’s most complex challenges arising from population growth, urbanization, globalization and technological advancements. Through science, social science and humanities approaches, our researchers are creating innovative and sustainable solutions.

Biodesign Institute

Improving health, protecting lives and sustaining our planet


Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability

Finding practical solutions to environmental, economic and social challenges to enable better lives

GIOS sustainability

McCain Institute for International Leadership

Advancing character-driven global leadership based on security, economic opportunity, freedom and human dignity

mccain institute

Global Security Initiative

Addressing global security challenges in partnership with defense, development and diplomacy communities

GSI security

Institute for Humanities Research

Exploring social and scientific issues through historical, philosophical and creative perspectives

humanity asu symphony orchestra strings

Institute for Social Science Research

Supporting the social sciences at ASU by helping students and faculty develop the research skills needed in today’s world

GIOS sustainability


Discovering and inventing energy solutions to address the world’s fuel, electric, security and justice challenges


Decision Theater Network

Exploring decision-making in uncertain times through advanced modeling and visualization technology

DTN decision

Institute for the Science of Teaching and Learning

Improving teaching and learning through innovation in learning science, educational technology and instructional design

ISTL learning

NewSpace Initiative

Leading the integration of academic and commercial space enterprises

swan nebula newspace thumb

Complex Adaptive Systems @ ASU

Studying complex networks of interacting and independent agents that learn and adapt over time

casi web

Flexible Electronics and Display Center

Advancing flexible displays, flexible sensors and flexible electronics systems, part of the advanced materials and manufacturing efforts within MacroTechnology Works

Knowledge Enterprise Leadership

Meet the Knowledge Enterprise Development executive team and the directors of our university-wide interdisciplinary institutes and initiatives. These talented and creative leaders advance ASU’s efforts in research, innovation, entrepreneurship, strategic partnerships, and economic and international development.


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